About me

Hi! I’m Radek Grabarek. I was interested in space exploration from like forever, but We Need More Space project was born when I honestly answered to one crucial question. „If you would have $100k in your bank account and you wouldn’t have to worry about money to the rest of your life, then what would you do? What would wake you up in the morning and make you get up from your bed?” For me the answer was simple: I want to help to explore Solar System and make humanity multi-planetary species.

What is interesting, is that you don’t have to have one hundred bucks to start doing things. That’s why I created We Need More Space before I became a millionaire. The only thing that you need if you want to go in this direction is to have courage. You have to have it a lot, to admit, that you want to do the space thing seriously. It took me some years to recognize that.

I was inspired to make the leap by historical events that was happening in front of my eyes. At 2 in the morning, I was watching live the first historic landing of Falcon 9, and I couldn’t hold my tears. In front of my eyes history was made! It was something incredible, what we haven’t seen since early 70’ and end of Apollo program. And now, new enormous adventure is ahead of us! It’s not just another adventure. It’s THE most important adventure in human history! Because there is nothing bigger, more exciting and interesting than the first human flight to Mars and establishing the first settlement on Red Planet.

On We Need More Space I want to put into spotlight people, who actively do stuff in space exploration. People, who are not only just interested in space, not only read about it but people who really take action and do things. Here on this planet, here on this continent. I publish interviews with them titled Space People.

I’m not an engineer. I don’t know how to build rockets. Professionally I’m taking care of development of mobile apps as a mobile product manager, before I was editor and journalist. I live and work in Barcelona. From being a little kid, I’m big fan of science fiction books and movies. But I don’t want just to read and watch. I want to take action. I want to share my passion because fortunately, we are living in fascinating times for space exploration and Solar System exploration especially.

So when I’m waking up in the morning, I take a shower, make myself breakfast and coffee and then I’m sitting in front of my computer. I’m typing 200 crappy words. That is my goal for every day. Start it from the most important thing in my life. Without looking at the money at my bank account.

20 April 2017, 8.12 am.
Radek Grabarek

PS. You can contact with by writing an email to radek at weneedmore.space